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"It has been extremely helpful for my family to work with someone like Chris that's born and raised here in beautiful Naples, FL.
Chris was highly recommend by the Naples Community when we were looking to move.

Chris is very friendly, knowledgeable as well as professional to work with.

My husband and I had a lot of requests when we were looking for our forever home. Chris took the time to fully understand our wants and needs, he put in the hard work and found us our happy place. So, if you want someone who will listen, understand be compassionate and care then Chris Grosser is your guy."

Laurie & Don Sandler, Naples, FL


"The friendship that Chris and I have spans almost two decades!


Over the years, I have personally witnessed that he is an extremely hard working, loyal and trustworthy individual. He is fanatical about the details and makes sure that all the i's are dotted and t's are crossed.


He prides himself on going above and beyond the call of duty for his clients and I really admire that. I would highly recommend him to anyone that could benefit from his services!"

Jake Schroeder, Vancouver, BC


"Chris is a dynamic, sophisticated, and authentic professional in the field of real estate! He has an acute eye for detail regarding all photography, videography, and having been born and raised in Naples he has an understanding of the community 100x's more than any other realtor in this area because he chose to stay where he was born instead of move here. This means that Naples and SWFL is where his heart is!!!! Chris will listen to you and and is an overall exceptional human being! Can't recommend him and his services enough for both buyers and sellers!"

Rachel & John McHugh, Naples, FL


"After speaking with multiple agents and being let down by all of them, I am so happy to have finally met Chris to help guide me with my real estate journey!


I specifically wanted to work with a realtor that had an extremely broad understanding of Naples and the various communities in the area to determine what options best fit my lifestyle.


Chris is from Naples and as local as they come! He provided an excellent experience and I am happy to refer him to my friends and family as well!

Thank you Chris for your wealth of knowledge in Naples!"

Ryan Sheen, Naples, FL


"Chris embodies the best qualities of a realtor that you'd seek to work with: great communication, sharing of ideas and goals, a strong work ethic and a broad understanding of the areas that he serves.


He's driven, has an open mind for others' insight and the intelligence to process gathered information to make his own decisions; all with an outgoing personality and unmatched professionalism.


Throughout Florida, Ohio and in between, I've yet to meet anyone familiar with Chris that doesn't think highly of him.

Through hard work and intelligent marketing/networking, he has done very impressive things in the last 15+ years I've known him and I look forward to working with him in the future for any of my
real estate needs.

He's an asset to Southwest Florida and I'm proud to call him my friend!"

Clay Lanctot, Columbus, OH


"Chris is a wonderful, friendly, and passionate realtor. He brings such enthusiasm to his work with his knowledge of the Naples area. If you in the market for new home in the Naples area, he is definitely your guy!"

Khrista Beliles, Evansville, IN


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