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Outlining the Steps to Success. What to Expect.


The thought of selling your home may be daunting and overwhelming. How do you choose the right real estate agent? (You pick me!) How do you prepare your home to be listed for sale? What’s the proper way to negotiate an offer? How do you value your home? What documents are involved?

I understand your concerns and I am prepared to assist you with all of your needs to make sure that your real estate experience is both enjoyable and rewarding!

It is my responsibility to provide you with the proper guidance and to answer any questions that you may have during the transaction.

The Consultation – Uncovering Your Selling Needs

As we work together on selling your house, we will be covering the following steps below:

• Walk through a structured marketing plan designed to sell your home for top-dollar while only having to keep it listed on the market for as short of a time as possible – let’s get it sold!
• Present a detailed Market Analysis and opinion of value on your home, comparing other similar properties and factoring in any updates or features that make your home unique and how it affects the home value
• Develop a competitive pricing strategy

Preparing the Listing

• Property walk through inspection
• Make recommendations and provide tips on how to make your home more appealing to prospective buyers
• Help you decide whether or not staging is necessary
• Guide you through general real estate procedures and market customs in the area

Getting Your Home Sold

• Place your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for maximum exposure
• Post “For Sale” signage on your property (if allowed)
• Use the most recent and secure showing features to keep your home available only to licensed individuals for private showings
• Host an open house for the public
• Share your listing with my professional network of real estate agents
• Internal agent-to-agent communication
• Set up with service to handle the scheduling of appointments and private showings
• Provide feedback from buyer inquiries and showings

Reviewing Offers and Reaching an Agreement

• Discuss, clarify, and review all purchase offers received
• Negotiate any terms via counter offers
• Help you reach the final and best agreement
• Assist you in getting all required documents pertaining to the transaction signed
• Deliver executed contract to all parties (Ex. Title company, lender, co-agent)

Finalizing the Sale

• Monitor the escrow and title process
• Ensure all time periods and deadlines are adhered to

After the Sale

• Our business model is more than transactional - we seek to be a source of information and guidance for years to come in order to build lasting relationships and repeat business
• Referrals are the bedrock to our business and having the privilege to serve your referrals with care and precision is of the utmost importance.

The greatest thank you that we could ever receive is being able to take care of your friends and family with their real estate needs, so thank you!!

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